Allen Valleys Physiotherapy

Over 30 years experience as a physiotherapist, 25 of which in private practice.  All types of musculoskeletal problems treated.  This includes back/neck pain, trapped nerves, joint problems, muscle strains/sprains, sports injuries, headaches.

Local exercises classes are held twice weekly.  Moderate effort, user friendly exercises for developing core stability, good posture and improved muscle tone.  Equipment used includes mats, exercise balls, resistance bands, balance cushions and dumbells.

My clinic is located in Allendale Forge Studios in the Market Place of Allendale town,  (on the left at the top of the stairs).

I work as a sole practitioner and treatment is targeted at realigning the spine, mobilizing muscles, ligaments and nerves for a whole body approach.

Techniques used include massage, hot stone massage, vertebral and joint mobilization, soft tissue trigger point release, exercise therapy.

I also practice “muscle activation” therapy which helps the nerve connections to the muscles to fire in the correct way, thus promoting more efficient use of the body.  It is useful for enhancing performance in everyday activities and sport and works well with core stability.

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