Footpath repair


The North Pennines AONB Partnership plans to repair an important section of footpath between Allen Mills and Allendale.

As you can see from the photo, this short stretch of riverside footpath is rapidly disappearing into the river. We plan to use local timber to hold back the bank, with weld mesh netting to keep everything in place until the grass and shrubs grow back. We will plant a few native alder and goat willow trees, whose roots will also help to stabalise the bank.

The path will be made safe and secure for walkers to enjoy this lovely stretch of the East Allen river. From here, we would invite you to explore our restored footpaths on the permissive access into Deneholme, just a little further on!

If you have any concerns about the work that we propose for this stretch of footpath, please contact Conservation Officer, Emma Wright: or 01434 683517.

Please note: we are not carrying out any work downstream from Allen Mills, where the boardwalk was damaged by floods and where the footpath has been diverted. This is being dealt with by Northumberland County Council’s Public Rights of Way Department.

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