Ninebanks and Mohope invite Time to plan our local broadband network in Ninebanks and Mohope is invited.

Time to plan our local broadband network in Ninebanks and Mohope is invited.
We are now ready to plan and agree the route of the broadband network through Ninebanks and Mohope. A meeting is being held on Saturday January 20th at 10:30 am in the Ninebanks church hall and everyone in Ninebanks and Mohope is invited to come along.

The agenda for the meeting is
1. A short presentation on the progress of the broadband project so far
2. An explanation of exactly how the network will be built
3. A discussion of how we will plan the network including the legal aspects and the physical restrictions (eg crossing roads, rivers, etc)
4. Finally we will break out into smaller groups to plan different areas of the network. We will have some large maps printed out showing the proposed routes which we can use to understand exactly what is being proposed as well as to draw on any changes.

At the end of the session we hope that everyone will understand what is being planned and how it will be achieved. We also hope to learn who owns each piece of land that we are looking to cross and, ideally, to start getting routes agreed with consents from land-owners.

We hope to finish the meeting by 12:30.

Please come along if you can make the date. Please also encourage your neighbours to attend if they are interested (as I may not have their email address if they haven’t signed up). If you can’t make the meeting then don’t worry as I will send out a summary of what was agreed afterwards.

Many thanks,
John and the B4AV team

For questions relating to the Ninebanks / Mohope network planning please email John at, for everything else please email