Sarah Blackett-Ord

Following graduation with a BA in History of Art at East Anglia University I moved to London and ran an art gallery in the West End.  I have always painted and did several courses in Life Drawing while working as a gallery administrator. On leaving London and moving to Northumberland  I completed a fine art course at the Hexham Campus of Newcastle College.  I started selling my work in 2005 and making gifts using images taken from my paintings in 2012.

Most of my work features still life subjects – the plants surrounding my studio in Whitfield in the West Allen Valley and interiors with books or vases.   I also like to paint stone, in particular the buildings and bridges of Northumberland.  I have had several commissions to paint houses and buildings in Northumberland, Norfolk and Sussex.

When I paint I tend to use only primary colours and mix my own shades rather than buying them ready mixed. This makes for a more interesting range and hopefully adds to the subtleties of the plants.  I much prefer to paint from life but have sometimes used photos as an aide when painting a building