Northumberland Community Bank

TCB Info Point

The Credit Union for South East Northumberland (CUSEN) and more recently, Tynedale Community Bank, have been providing local savings and loans services to the residents of Northumberland for more than 20 years. By coming together and combining our efforts, we can now offer to serve members across the whole of Northumberland.

Northumberland Community Bank (NCB) provides a local, community based range of affordable loans and secure savings, available to all those living or working across the whole of Northumberland.

NCB is a fully regulated, professional, friendly and approachable organisation, here to provide a much-needed service, not to make a huge profit. Our key aims are:

• encouraging a regular savings habit for adults and children, and

• providing affordable loans, tailored to individual circumstances (including to those vulnerable to high interest lenders such as pay day lenders and loan sharks)

You can benefit by opening a savings account into which you can make regular and/or occasional deposits, potentially receiving an annual dividend and growing a lump sum.
Joining as a Member is easy. Contact us using the details above or by email at: